The newest Trauma Psychotherapy

Coaching, Activiteit/evenement, Yoga/meditatie/mindfullness, Clienten / burgerbelang, Psycholoog/Psychotherapie, Alternatieve geneeswijze , Coaching (persoonlijke ontwikkeling)

I offer the latest psychotherapeutic method to heal trauma. It is very famous in America, Canada and UK. It is slowly coming to Europe. It connects you to your body and you enter your "inner world" where you can start talking to your own parts. We all have different parts or ego states that live in us. Talking and befriending them is very important so that these parts don't hijack us and make us drink, numb ourselves, work into exotics and so on. Visit my website: www.ifsholland.com and book a free consultation to make each other better.

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